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This setting is only taking a look when select color and background.
If you want to set showcase color, background and disable Setting Bar, go to Templates Manager > AT-Templates > Global Tab

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PEP uP initially started as a collaborative designed to foster a network of clinicians committed to the optimal delivery of enteral nutrition therapy in the ICU. The aim of PEP uP continues to be to provide practical tools and strategies to improve the delivery of enteral nutrition, including a volume-based feeding protocol (The PEP uP Protocol), along with additional resources and education materials for the multidisciplinary team. This quality improvement initiative provides dietitians, nurses, and physicians the opportunity to improve current nutrition practices, resulting in better patient outcomes. It will also enable these practitioners to further their role as nutrition educators in the ICU. 

We hope you will take the time to browse through the PEP uP tools (now accessible to the public), learn about the initiative from PEP uP sites and read PEP uP publications.

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