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The study by Harvey et al (2014) showed no harm in giving PN. However, the 2015 CPGs continue to recommend the use of EN over PN in patients with an intact GI tract. Do you agree with this recommendation?

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Barriers Questionnaire

 Barriers Questionnaire - Revised September 2013

The questionnaire for assessing barriers to enteral nutrition delivery in ICUs has been revised in 2013 based on feedback from ICU practitioners. The barriers assessment involves surveying ICU staff about important barriers to enterally feeding critically ill patients in your unit. 

The questionnaire is divided into 2 sections. Part A asks about 21 items related to providing adequate EN to patients and asks respondents to rate how important each barrier is in their ICU. Part B asks about the personal characteristics of the respondent. Respondents have the option of completing the questionnaire electronically or completing a paper?based version of the questionnaire.The questionnaire is brief and should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

 We have a few tools available for you to download with respect to the barriers questionnaire:

doc_icon pdf_icon  Barriers Questionnaire
QIPoster5 QIPoster4 Posters to increase awareness in your ICU
PubMed link: The 2015 publication on the revision of the Barriers Questionnaire


Participating in  the Questionnaire

Please contact Margot Lemieux if your ICU is interested in participating in the Barriers Questionnaire or if you have any questions.